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We've designed merchandise for most of the artwork from An Ecotopian Lexicon

You can find our T-shirts, polyester tote bags (made from recycled plastic), canvas tote bags, notebooks, and stickers at RedBubble.


You can customize the style, size, and color of the T-shirts. We recommend the Tri-blend T-shirts, which are extremely soft.

Heyiya Shirt.jpg
Heyiya Shirt.jpg
Ildsjel Shirt.jpg
Datong Bag.jpg
Plant Time Bag.jpg
Solastalgia Bag.jpg

In the context of the "spiral of silence" around climate change and the other socio-ecological challenges we face, these items are a creative way to spark conversations about how the world is changing around us, and how we ought to change in response.

All proceeds from this merchandise will go toward a fund to support creative cultural and political interventions focused on addressing climate injustice—the disproportionate vulnerability and suffering from the consequences of climate change by those who are least responsible.

Stickers Image_edited.jpg

View out these items and more at RedBubble. After they arrive, we'd love for you to post a picture on social media and tag the editors (@schneidermayers and @isagrapefruit) or the publisher (@UMinnPress).

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